Amp Up Your Weight-Loss with a Cold Bath

Woman feet playing with water in swimming pool

Something as simple as taking a bath in cold water can aid your weight-loss efforts. The water doesn’t need to be freezing or painfully uncomfortable; moderately cold water is enough to get results.

A cold shower doesn’t work as well as soaking in a bathtub, and if you have mobility issues due to injuries or weight — you might want to consider walk-in bathtubs from Heavenly Walk In Tubs more commonly for the elderly.

A walk-in bathtub also keeps you upright, so you can read a book or watch a movie on your tablet as you soak. An hour in cold water can be enough to jumpstart your metabolism and put in high gear. This doesn’t mean you can forego eating healthy, but it’s a start — especially if you have mobility problems.

Olympic Swimmers and the 10,000 Calorie Diet

Michael Phelps and other Olympic swimmers have said in interviews that they consume 8,000 to 10,000 calories a day. Harvard Medical School’s website states that vigorous swimming burns less than 500 calories an hour.

That would mean an Olympic swimmer would need to swim vigorously for 20 hours just to burn what they eat — but that’s not the case.

Being in water for hours forces the body to burn calories to maintain its core temperature. Even without physical activity, just maintaining core temperature for long periods is enough to trigger massive calorie burning.

The Science of Soaking

Water disperses your body heat as you soak in a tub and your body will react to this in 2 important ways. First, the cold makes you shiver as your body unconsciously contracts your muscle fibers producing heat.

Second is thermogenesis, or your body producing heat by burning off existing calories within your system. Thermogenesis occurs naturally, and you only need to soak in cold water to let it happen.

A cold-water bath isn’t a magic bullet for weight-loss — but it can give you a good jumpstart or that extra edge to reach your fitness goals.