Air Travel While Pregnant: Is it Safe?

A woman pregnant

If you’re pregnant and considering travelling by air, you may be wondering if it’s safe to do so. If your pregnancy is healthy and normal, air travel will not harm you or your baby. Experts suggest, however, that the ideal time to fly is during your second semester (between weeks 14 and 27). You should still talk and check with your healthcare provider before flying.

During the second trimester (14 to 27 weeks), morning sickness is likely to be gone and your energy levels will be higher. Your baby bump, furthermore, is less likely to cause discomfort and disturbance while you travel. It’s never advisable to fly after 36 weeks and most airlines do not allow it. Your doctor may also discourage flying in the later weeks, especially if you have pregnancy complications.

If your doctor allows it, Family Health Services and other gynecological care centers in Sandusky suggest taking note of the following:

Drink lots of water.

This will help avoid dehydration when travelling, as well as the problems associated with low humidity on the plane. Choose water instead of sugary and caffeinated beverages.

Keep moving. If possible, get up and take occasional walks. If you need to be seated, extend and rotate your ankles, and flex your feet. Be sure to restricting or tight clothing. You should also wear beat the seatbelt under your abdomen or over your lower lap.

Say no to gassy foods.

Avoid gassy foods, as the pressurized airplane cabin can promote further bloating. The same is also true for salty and high-sodium food. They can cause you to retain more water, which contributes to feeling bloated.

Mind your seat.

If possible, get an aisle seat or a seat that reclines. This helps you stretch out more and is beneficial when making trips to the bathroom.

Before flying, it’s advisable that your doctor refers to a healthcare provider in your destination in case you require medical assistance. You might also want to obtain a pre-travel assessment and have a copy of your healthcare records during your journey.