4 Simple Reasons Your Bad Breath Won’t Go Away

While bad breath is rather common, it’s still no fun to know you’re the one in every three people that suffer from the condition. Sure, bad breath will never be life threatening, but it can be very embarrassing. Most of the time, your case will improve after brushing, flossing and rinsing. But if that doesn’t happen, it could be because of one of the following reasons.

Your dental implants have an infection.

Dental implants are a perfect solution for missing teeth, but when they become infected, halitosis will often result. A common reason for the infection is a loose implant that encourages the growth of bacteria, leading to a pungent smell. The best solution to this problem is seeking the help of a dental implants specialist in Montclair.

You’re still stuck on the tobacco habit.

Tobacco is often the culprit when one is suffering from damaged gums, stained teeth, cancer, and a host of other conditions. If you don’t kick the habit, don’t get surprised when you still have bad breath no matter how much you try to clean your mouth. When taming the habit becomes very difficult, you can always enroll for tobacco quitting programs.

You have a sweet tooth.

If you love candy, gum and sugary foods, then you’re not alone. The bacteria in your mouth do too. Bacteria that sugar to make acid, which wears your teeth over time. The result is bad breath. Avoiding sugary foods and drinks, therefore, can help fight bad breath. And if you must chew gum, then make it a mint, which stimulates saliva and keeps plaque acids away.

Your mouth is dry.

One of the most typical causes of bad breath is the lack of enough saliva in your mouth. A dry mouth encourages tooth decay, which causes bad odor. Moisten your mouth by chewing sugarless gum drinking lots of water during the day.

Chronic bad breath can dent your self-esteem significantly, but there are ways to fight it. The first step, of course, is by identifying what’s making the stubborn halitosis in the first place so you can attack it with the right tools.