The Funeral for People Who Don’t Like Funerals


The simple cremation only package is the perfect solution for people who don’t like funerals. They are easy to arrange, more affordable than a standard service and they get the job done with minimum fuss. Not everyone wants a ceremony.

For people who don’t want their relatives to go through long and painful goodbyes, there’s the ceremony-free, cremation only funeral.

Why Choose a No-Service Funeral?

Some people don’t have any living relatives or estranged from them. Some don’t want their family to make a speech when they didn’t get along in life. For others, the decision is purely financial. It’s a lot more affordable to pay for cremation when there’s no funeral service involved.

Another advantage is the lack of mourners. If crying is uncomfortable and they would like a more dignified send-off, a direct cremation could be the answer.

What is Included in a Cremation-Only Funeral

  • Support from the funeral director’s when setting up the plan
  • Collection from the mortuary
  • A basic coffin
  • Transportation to the crematorium
  • Cremation fees for an unattended committal
  • Scattering of the ashes

There will be no wake or visitation, expensive casket, horse-drawn carriages, flowers or sermon, so you guarantee a no-nonsense person a drama-free funeral. If the family wishes to pay their respects, they are free to arrange their own memorial service at a later date.

You can arrange a direct cremation very quickly after death from a local funeral home in Ogden such as It’s also easy to pay for. You can purchase a cremation-only funeral plan for a small monthly fee so that the costs are paid for in advance and don’t have to be met by family.

The total cost of a cremation only plan is around $1,000, a fraction of the cost of a traditional service.

Funerals can be distressing and expensive, and people who don’t like drama may not want a service anyway. Direct cremations are the fuss-free alternative.