You’d Succeed In Home Inspection Sector With Your Military Background

Inspector writing on documents

If you are looking for a lucrative sector to venture into after your service in the disciplined forces, you can’t go wrong by joining a home inspection franchise. Doing so lets you take a bite of a trillion-dollar industry.

Following the successful career in the disciplined forces, it is easy to dismiss the idea of joining the home inspection industry. After all, it pales in comparison to rigors and discipline of being a soldier. Surprisingly, there points of intersection between the two unlikely sectors.

For starters, they both require adherence to strict rules, protocols, and procedures. Precision, attention to details, discipline, and an unwavering commitment are valuable qualities. If this sounds good to you, then you should consider a home inspection franchise for veterans.

Take a bite of a trillion-dollar industry

The mortgage industry in the United States is valued at over 2 trillion dollars and it’s at the heart of American’s dream of owning the roof over their heads. The total homes sold in 2017 was northwards of 600,000, and these numbers are expected to hold if not increase in future. Given the colossal sums involved when buying a home, prospects need assurances that they are getting their money worth.

And that’s where home inspectors become an asset. In addition to buyers needing to eliminate any doubts, mortgage lenders insist on it. To safeguard their interest, lenders need to be sure that the house is in excellent shape. As a result, credible home inspectors are in high demand, and with a little branding and positioning, you can achieve great success in the sector.

Get a business in a box

Of course, you know next to nothing about being a home inspector but that not enough a deterrent. As part of your onboarding process, your franchisor will take the trouble to polish your rough edges. They will give you the relevant training and ensure that you’re not only skilled in home inspections but as a business owner as well.

They will supply you a blueprint that will guide your every step from a wide-eyed rookie to a seasoned professional. With skilled professional by your side, you can drastically cut down the learning curve.

Home inspection is a lucrative industry with a brilliant future as people chase their dream of owning a home. Joining a reputable franchise gives you a leg over in the sector and increase your chances of success.