Keep Your Workers Safe and Avoid Hefty Losses with 2 Incredible Moves

Men wearing safety hat

Many companies in America incur massive losses in revenue due to negligence that leads to a spiking rate of workplace injuries. Business across the U.S. collectively lose more than a billion dollars a week compensating for workplace injuries, reports EHS Today. Employers pay out more than $62 billion dollars a year in compensation of disabling, non-fatal workplace injuries. Such statistics are, shocking, given that most of these injuries are avoidable. With some effort and adjustment, however, you can keep your workers safe and avoid hefty expenses.

Proper use of signage systems in the workplace

Many companies ignore the most basic safety measures on their premises – and this only make the situation worse. Properly equipping the workplace with PPE warning signs, Clarion Safety Systems points out, marks an important step to keeping workers safe and minimizing injuries. That way, workers will always be reminded when to wear their protective personal equipment wherever necessary.

Drill safety measures until they become second nature

Human beings are habitual creatures who find comfort in familiar habits that make work easier and more manageable. With proper training and drilling, you can help them make workplace safety an unconscious habit. In such a case, workers would find it difficult to work without the proper gear, like gloves, safety glasses or even boots.

Likewise, a course on safety awareness develops keen safety consciousness in your employees. Explaining the reasoning behind the safety measures helps workers to become more vigilant. Offering incentives and rewards is also a motivator for employers to espouse good work habits.

Lead by example

It is not unheard of for managers to ignore the rules when they need to achieve quick results. While that might seem harmless, these actions are not lost on the workers. Away from your prying eyes, they will replicate your actions – and this is a herald of disaster. Therefore, you should be on the frontline demonstrating the need to uphold safety measures while working.

Such a move would also help you to implement a zero tolerance for reckless behavior that endangers lives. Having clear penalties for such safety violations increase safety awareness and promote safety culture among all workers. It also prompts workers to speak up and report all incidents of safety violations.

Workplace injuries cause companies to bleed money, as they end up paying out billions of dollars in compensation. With some adjustment, along with the right mindset and tools, you can escape these unnecessary costs and keep your workers safe.