How Much Should You Spend on Window Cleaning for Apartments?

Professional window cleaner

Professional cleaning companies usually charge between $2 and $7 per window pane for multifamily and standalone properties, while a few companies charge based on the square footage of a property.

If you lease an apartment in Utah, the cost of window cleaning services in Salt Lake City may fall within this range. Landlords should also consider if replacing an aging window is more practical than paying for recurring cleaning expenses.

Covered Work

While there are different rates for professional cleaning, the basic services such as window removal and marking should be included in the contract. Both sides of the window must also be cleaned before they are put back into place.

Property owners may only choose to clean a portion of the building, particularly in the common areas. In case you plan to replace old windows, it may cost more but note that you could save money by spending more upfront instead of paying for frequent repairs.

Window Replacement Costs

The typical cost of a window replacement ranges between $300 and $700, but the average price nationwide costs $500. Windows are ideally cleaned once every six months, so spending more often for cleaning could indicate that you need a replacement.

There are other reasons for installing a new window, such as having energy-efficient panes to save on electricity bills. You could simply replace them as well when planning to attract new tenants since it’s a cheap way to improve the appearance from the outside. Larger windows also provide more natural light but note that it may be more expensive.

The actual cost of professional window cleaning depends on the scope of work, your location, and the size of your property. When choosing among different service providers, consider asking for quotes from three companies to find the best rate or deal.