Affordable Accommodation for a Student’s Budget

Students in a house

Being a student is a memorable time in our lives. From having fun to learning a lot, the place we stay in should be very conducive to learning. We should be allowed to live a life we want, have our own hobbies, college course or job.

Since a student’s budget is limited, one should have access to affordable education right where he is. There should be choices in cheap student accommodation in London since it is home to many students and young professionals.

What should one look for when looking for accommodations?


It should be right where the action is, from the campus to the hangout places that we want. Is it near a mall? A church? Are there coffee shops where one can work? What about libraries or places for our special project? The accommodation should be accessible to all possible places.


What is the perfect size for a student? One might say that a bed space and table are enough. However, this might not be enough if he plans on doing some group work.


What type of interior should the apartment have? Tenants should have the freedom to decorate their apartment. However, it should still follow the deed of restrictions of the building.


Since space is limited, it is always a good idea to try and get multi-purpose space saver cabinets and furniture. For example, a coffee table may double as storage space. Some sofa may double as storage boxes.


Your roommate is probably going to be your friend for life. You should choose your roommate carefully and set ground rules between the two of you. You should have at least similar lifestyles or agree to adjust to each other.


Being a student means trying to juggle food allowance, transportation and rent. Your place should be a place of rest, but it shouldn’t be too expensive.  Your apartment should be within budget since there are many other things that you need to spend on.

Building Administrator

One should look for a building administrator who cares for their tenants. Concerns like garbage disposal and repairs should be readily answered.

Finding cheap student accommodation especially in a city like London may as well be an investment in your future. Teaching one to stretch his or her budget is always a great lesson on independence.