4 Creative Wedding and Reception Venues That You Can Offer Your Clients

Large wedding reception

Marriage is considered one of the highlights of any person’s life. It, therefore, follows that weddings should be made as memorable as possible. This is why many personalized and unique wedding themes are currently being offered by a majority of wedding planners and event coordinators all over the world. Accordingly, why not choose distinctive and relevant outdoor venues for your clients?

1. Farms and Plantations

For a more rustic appeal, why not rent a barn and set that up for the ceremony? It’s actually big enough to arrange the reception there, too. You can even create the whole event within the plantation itself. Simply put up a wedding tent from a reputable St. Paul, MN rental company and let the ceremony begin.

2. Amusement Park

If your clients love crazy rides and popcorn, rent a space within an amusement park. There are covered areas that are normally rented out for birthday parties and other similar occasions. It would be as easy to celebrate a wedding in those spots as well, with just the right decor.

3. Architectural Ruins

For those who are into grandness and history, which go hand-in-hand in some cases, nothing can beat exchanging matrimonial vows in large historic ruins. Simply make sure you have the proper permit for its use. Also, guests are required to give the venue the respect and care it deserves.

4. Botanical Gardens

For those who love nature, this is the perfect place to get married. Of course, there’s the choice of having the wedding in the garden itself and the reception somewhere nearby. If you’re allowed to have both parts of these events in the garden itself, do remind everyone to leave the plants and flowers alone.

Choosing non-traditional venues not only allow you to maximize profit, it also allows you to save memories worth mentioning to children and grandchildren. Also, saying “I do” in such a beautiful and unique place can make those vows more meaningful and memorable. Eventually, your creativity and boldness will make its way to other customers through word-of-mouth, which is excellent for business.